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    old music
    /dev zone

    Symbiants music ᐉ

    Yes, it is the official Symbiants site. a kind of concept art
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    For Commercial Purposes goto » Orfium

      For commercial use it's better to obtain license from Orfium, since their royalties is more about artists
      jamendo gives only 30% to artist, leaving nothing to change with price or license,
      and they pay only when you reach a 100$, while they take 70% of it - it's almost impossible,
      because not so much music of many artists fits commercial needs
      while orfium provides 80% and different license types and manual pricing.
      Since 2017 to y2020 there were just 3 licenses sold, with no way to get money
      well, for me it's like i've supported others musicians, that hosts their music there
      i had a track - SpaceX in "L'ectro Space" 2014 album, it's not much complicated

    SYNC WonderLand StarFall
    Veter L'Ectro Creative One SomeBuddy
    Video Best Rest Hardest

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